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The Oral Surgery, Dental Implant, and Wisdom Teeth Removal Specialists in Springfield, IL

Superior Oral Surgery Care Since 1988

Over the last 30 years, Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois has evolved into a cutting-edge practice that patients can depend upon all over Central Illinois. Located on the west side of Springfield just off of State Rte 4, our Springfield office looks forward to providing excellent care to you and your family.


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Amazing Video Reviews and Ratings from Oral Surgery Patients in Springfield, IL

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2 Convenient Locations

Our practice has 2 offices conveniently located across Central Illinois. Whether you're in need of jaw surgery, treatment for an impacted canine, or any other oral surgery need, our experts are here for you.

More Reviews From Our Patients

Erin Reviews Her Procedure
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Erin BG mobile

"When I first walked into this practice, I felt comfortable. Everyone here had my best interests at heart. The staff was warm in their greetings. All the doctors’ professionalism really stood out for me. I could tell they were all highly qualified. Very glad I chose this practice to get my procedure done. They have a reputation of being the best and as far as I’m concerned, they are the best. I had a fantastic experience here and I would highly recommend the Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois."

Art Reviews His Procedure
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Art underwent full-arch restoration at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois

"Whenever you walk into Oral and Facial Surgeons of Illinois, you feel professionalism. You know you’re going to be treated well and in a professional manner. Dr. Scannura is very empathetic. I always felt very comfortable with him. I always trusted his professionalism. He’s a great guy. His whole staff and his team are also wonderful. They realized that really the best thing would be to get a full arch. I’ve had my new teeth for probably close to a year and a half now. The nice thing is you’re able to eat anything you want, you’re able to smile and get smiled back at. I certainly would recommend Dr. Scannura to anyone."

Dan Reviews His Procedure
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Dan underwent corrective jaw surgery at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois

"My original visit to Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois was to have a molar extracted. Some time after the original removal of the molar, I bit down on a piece of food and heard a large popping sound in my ear. It turned out to be a broken jaw. The procedure itself turned out much better than I thought it was going to. It turned out to be there was no pain. The recovery time was minimal. Dr. Jordan Williams is very candid, very to-the-point, very personable. Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois are absolutely top-notch. They have nothing but your best interests at heart, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re the best there is."

Bev Reviews Her Procedure
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Bev underwent tooth extractions, bone grafting, and dental implants at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois

"My dentist referred me to Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois. My teeth were in really bad shape. I had crowns on the two teeth that were extracted by Dr. Williams, and upon the extraction, they realized that I needed to have the implants. The folks who come and get you who are part of Dr. Williams’ team are very nice, very comfortable to be with. Dr. Williams was very forthright; he told me exactly what was going to happen, how long it would take, what he would be doing, and he’s a very nice and kind man, and you can tell that in just his conversation with you as a patient. I would absolutely recommend Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois."

Jean Reviews Her Procedure
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Jean mobile

"My overall experience at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois has been beyond excellent. I felt immediately that I was in good hands. They’re beyond caring, passionate, and skilled at what they do. The doctors made me feel at ease because they were focused on me and my experience. My procedures were absolutely successful and my recovery was quick and easy. I highly recommend the team here at Oral & Facial Surgeons of Illinois. "

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If you’re ready to begin your oral surgery journey, you’re in the right place. At our practice, we’re passionate about what we do, and we love providing exceptional care to our patients. Answer a few quick and easy questions to let us know how we can help. Then, you can watch reviews, learn about procedures, and more.